The Coat Hanger Book

The Coat Hanger Book©

1001 ways to get hung up on coat hangers

About... The Coat Hanger Book©

The Coat Hanger Book, nearly thirty years in the making, was originally conceived as an illustrated digest of over a thousand and one uses for the household wire coat hanger. However, with the advent of the internet you’ll not only find the original list coat hanger uses, but coat hanger related crafts, inventions, puzzles, poems, short stories, news articles, art, factoids, jokes, cartoons and more. You’ll also discover some coat hangers that aren’t even coat hangers.

From famous to not-so-famous and from all walks of life, this book showcases contributions from writers, manufacturers, authors, poets, artists, celebrities, cartoonists, musicians, inventors, scientists, news syndicates, institutions and individuals alike… and from every corner of the globe!

This book also includes a never-before-seen, private collection of coat hanger cartoons from my friend and world reknown political cartoonist, Adrian Raeside.

And just to top things off, the original Coat Hanger Book is now highly collectable. Each original has a book-specific code number printed on the inside front cover. This number was to be the reader’s personal password to becoming an official member of The Coat Hanger Book Club., along with other things.

With the purchase of an eBook joining the club no longer requires a password, and, as a club member you are entitled to submit your own coat hanger related story etc. to be eligible for publication and recognition in The Coat Hanger Book II.

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Meet Canadian born, Albert J. Parkhouse

Inventor of the coat hanger. Read all about this simply incredible invention and why Albert never profitted from his invention.
This is three generations of
the Perna Family.

Read how they intend to save the planet one coat hanger at a time and what they have to do with this book’s wrap.