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A native of southern Ontario, also birthplace of the coat hanger’s inventor, Albert J. Parkhouse, I moved to the west coast of Canada in the early 70’s, and with a degree in communications under my belt I started one of the first graphics studios in Victoria BC.

Graphics, marketing, packaging and invention quickly became a passion and before I knew it, I was creating an array of out-of-the-box stuff. (Ever heard of Tantoos?)

The Coat Hanger Book, was one of those ideas and I remember spending hours and hours of beer drinking sessions with friends and other like-minded coat hanger fanatics conceiving uses for the common wire coat hanger (nearly 1400 of them) and several more hours with a hot blow torch, ruler, pliers, vice and numerous coat hangers to create the coat hanger ‘wrap’ so you could hang the book up.

What a novel idea, I thought (pardon the pun), plus wrap the book in a coat hanger so you could actually hang it up… what a great marketing ploy.

To make a long story short, The Coat Hanger Book eventually made its way back to my dusty shelf of inventions until one rainy day in December ‘07 when I finally decided to get it done. Today’s Coat Hanger Book is not only a blend of the original list of over 1400 uses for the common coat hanger, but it also includes coat hanger related literature from contributors around the world. The rest of the story is in the book.

With that said… I invite everyone to enjoy the read!

Clair Hawkins Author, Graphic Designer, Industrial Designer, Publisher, Artist, Writer, Photographer & Inventor.
The prototype (1979) One of five originals created from the Nothing Book. This prototype is in the vault.
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